Team members and organisation email


I am in the process of setting up Asana for my team. We have currently been using a WorkSpace, however, I want to move over to an organization so we can have the team option, and upgrade our plan to premium.

We only need 5 seats, and we only have 5 team members, so I will upgrade the entire organization.

However, not all our team members have a company email at our domain. Am I able to give those without a domain email a premium seat? Or do they need to have a company email at the same domain? Also, does this mean they need to sign up with a new Asana account with the new email, or can they add this email to their already existing email?



Welcome! I am not sure about the fact they don’t have a domain email name. However, they can merge accounts (aka have multiple emails for the same account).

@Marie can you help about the first question?



Thanks for the mention @Bastien_Siebman!

Users not using your company email domain will be considered as Guest; Guest have access to all Premium features (except manage custom fields) and do not count toward your Premium plan, so they can be added for free.

If you want to create an email address with your company domain for them, simply ask them to add this new email to their existing account following these steps; they will automatically be converted into full members and all their current tasks will remain intact.

If you want to learn more about the differences between full members and Guests, I would recommend checking these two articles:

And if you have any follow-up questions, please let me know :slight_smile:


Thanks for the quick reply. That clears up my questions for now <3