Team Member Dropdown Missing?



I know Asana is always looking to improve and I appreciate that. However, it seems we are no longer able to quickly expand the team member list from the sidepane where we previously clicked the “+” sign to expand a list of our team. From the expanded menu, you were previously able to click a team member and go directly to the tasks they had. I don’t see a fast way of seeing all of our members and then going to their tasks.

Is there a different way to reach this now? My operations manager called me griping about how I must have “changed something” and messed up his work pane. I feel like this must have been removed or moved by Asana. I explained he could search by name or go to the settings > member directory, but he complained this is a “huge pita and ridiculous” so that’s why I’m here to ask about it. Can we leave this feature on somehow?

I didn’t see any other topics about this. Thank you!


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