Team Locked Out of Public Project?


I’m trying to onboard my team, and to do so, I created an “Intro Project” for each team member that explains the basics of Asana (like projects and tasks). However, some of them have reported getting a restricted access message–“It looks like you don’t have access to this.” They get this message despite the projects being public and open to anyone. Sometimes it magically resolves itself, but others are still having trouble with access. Any tips on what’s causing this or how to fix it?


Hi @Russ_Looney. This problem likely has to do with permissions and/or where the project is located. I suggest you start by troubleshooting with this detailed Permissions article in the Guide. If you aren’t able to find a solution, then please share 1) a screenshot of the permissions settings in the project and 2)the instance in which the project lives by clicking on the icon in the top right corner like so:



I’m facing this problem too each time I delete a task since not long ago. I’m using Asana as personal GTD tool, so it’s not a matter of permissions. In fact, the tasks I delete are actually deleted, but I always get that annoying “It looks like you don’t have access to this.” right after deleting them.