Team Dashboard for Program level



For managing a Program of work, I need to manage a group of projects across different hierarchical teams. I believe the best practice way of doing this is to create a “Team” (in my case, “Apps”) that includes all Apps projects, and invite any colleagues needed to complete them.

Although this gives me a central place to manage my program of work, I don’t have an easy way to communicate Apps program progress to stakeholders. While Dashboards is useful to an extent, every Stakeholder needs to build their own dashboard, and dashboard organisation is limited.

I want to set up a shared “Team” dashboard so that senior management doesn’t have to do this individually (they don’t have the time, so it won’t happen otherwise)

I want to organise a shared “Team” dashboard so that a hierarchy of importance or delivery schedule is clear (I believe a column layout for a Dashboard, like a Board project, would be fantastic)

I want to use the Dashboard features for the “Team” dashboard so that I can take advantage of Status Updates, Trafic Lights and Email Summaries, and so that I do not have to manually repeat this 10-20 times across every project in a manual admin-heavy workaround (such as a Project of References to Projects)


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