Team Calendar Weekends

My team regularly works weekends, so I’d like to have weekends always visible in the team calendar. I can find how to make each project’s calendar always showing weekends, but can’t find how to do this in the team calendar view. Is this possible? Thanks.


I just tried it and there seems to be no difference between the project calendar view and the team calendar view.

Hover the mouse over "Mon"and click von “Show weekends”. Or did I misinterpret your question?

Hi thanks for replying. I can see how to make the team calendar view show weekends, but I want it to always show weekends and not have to click on it every time I flip back to the team calendar.

In a project calendar, there’s a little cog icon on the top right, and that allows me to save the view for everyone in my team, so I have already saved each of my projects to show the weekends for everyone all the time.

But the team calendar view doesn’t have this cog icon, and I haven’t been able to find out how to permanently show weekends in the team calendar. Since I have several team members and we all have fingers in all the projects that include weekend work, I’d like to be able to always see weekends in a team calendar.



@Rebecca_Ellis Thanks for checking in! Unfortunately at this time we aren’t able to save a Team calendar view with weekends visible. We do need to click the weekend each time. An easy workaround you may have already considered is to conduct an advanced search for all your team tasks, then view the calendar from the search, and save that view. Just click the star at the top of the page to save the search so you can access it easily in your sidebar :slight_smile:

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Yeah, it’s really annoying.


Yup, it’s super lame. I really want my individual project to show the weekends automatically. It’s a terrible oversight.

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Wow, I thought for sure I was misunderstanding something, but it looks like that’s not true. Weekends shouldn’t be hidden if there are tasks in the weekend.

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Seems like this still isn’t fixed. I’m running a political campaign and we have events every day. Having to hit “show weekends” every single time is brutal.

I plan photographic workshops and events and they are generally on the weekend so the ability to always show weekends is a must. Saturday and Sunday are as important to me as the weekdays. +1 for always visible weekends and an organisation wide setting would be best.

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It would be great to be able to default weekend view for my team as well.

I am probably leaving Asana because of this oversight. Sad.

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Very inconvenient because I have many weekend tasks and deadlines. I feel like this should be an easy fix.

The thing with this, and why it’s SUCH a terrible oversight, is that it doesn’t matter if you work weekends or not a lot of the time.

Our head office is a typical monday to friday 9am to 5pm operation. However, many of our tasks on asana are set to repeat monthly. Since there’s no way (that i know of) to tell the task not to repeat on a weekend, many of our tasks just happen to fall on a weekend. And since our business is only operating monday-friday, we don’t really think to show weekends. And it’s very easy to miss the little grey circle, which is the only indication that we have a task at the weekend.

It’s a huge flaw that needs correcting. Some of these tasks are critical, and that means we’re having to run through a separate checklist outside of asana just to make sure we’ve done them all each month.

i’m not going to delete Asana or let this oversight ruin my day, but I am replying to say that I, too, would appreciate the ability to always show weekends on the team calendar.

i’m also new to this forum (came here to look for an answer to this question) and am hoping that this just happens to be an over-dramatic thread because Asana doesn’t deserve to get beat up this hard over such a small feature.

I love Asana, but this is a very annoying thing. Please just make this option available asap!