Team Calendar Missing



used Asana yesterday and was able to access our team calendar but when logging in today this feature is not available - do I need to upgrade to the premium version or is there another way that I can access the team calendar ?


Hi @Mike_Keanly

Team Calendars should appear in the screen that appears once you click the Team name in the left sidebar of your Asana desktop webapp. There is a small caveat to this, however, as only Teams with fewer than 200 Projects (active or archived) will have this option appear for them. The rationale for this is derived from the fact that the Team Calendar will become simply too unwieldy for it to be of use to a Team with that many Projects to load.

I do have a workaround for you on this for you though! If you wanted to make sure all your Teams have access to this feature, I recommend using Teams as a way to record your annual/quarterly work. To do so rename each Team according to the year that they are in use- “Marketing - 2017” for example. As your Team concludes the year, simply create a new Team, naming it “Marketing - 2018” and invite relevant team members to work in this space. This workaround will result in your Team resetting the number of Projects it holds, ensuring you retain the functionality of Team Calendars as time goes by.

Hopefully this clarifies things a bit more!

If you have any questions, or if there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know.


the team calendar is really missing. I have around 20 projetcts and it’s gone…


Hi @Mauro_Kusznir and so sorry for the trouble! Have you already tried to follow the path below?

  1. In your left sidebar, click on the Team/Workspace name
  2. Then at the top of your screen, just below your Team/Workspace name, you should see a "Calendar “tab”

If you can’t see your calendar there, I would recommend sending a screenshot of what you see directly to our support team ( > I’m having trouble with > scroll down and click on “Let’s chat”).

Of course, if you have any follow-up question, please let us know!


I see now. Thanks for your help!


Great news @Mauro_Kusznir, thanks for keeping me posted!


it used to show up in the left navigation. Having to click team name on the left and then move to the top of the screen to click “calendar” is an extra step.


Apologies for the extra step @katie.vanden.heuvel, I can see where you’re coming from. This was in fact part of a greater UI update; you can learn more about it in this article from our Guide:


We too have struggled with this and just keep a direct link to the calendar pinned on our browser for viewing and another browser tab open for creating/editing projects.

To counter the point of it becoming too ‘unwieldy’ with 200+ projects, our use of ASANA is on short turn-over projects. We’re a printing company with a 1-2 week project turn around. Each invoice becomes a PROJECT, each print location gets a TASK and there are five actions as SUB-TASKS that go into setting up each print location. For us, we process 25-40 PROJECTS a week.

What confuses me on this is that crossing the 200 project mark doesn’t change the work flow at all. ASANA doesn’t adjust the interface to facilitate a higher volume, it just removes the link to the calendar leaving the calendar, fully functioning, behind a closed door. It as is if ASANA assumes that users would be incapable of keeping up with everything at that project volume. I think rather than omitting the link, a real task should be to offer a solution to higher project volume clients, otherwise just leave the option of the Calendar available. I’m sure writing in some control over the project thresholds and calendar access can be easily written into a ‘paid’ plan’s offerings (presumably by someone knowledgeable in this field… unlike myself :slight_smile:

We love ASANA and our production team has benefited greatly from it’s ease of use, but I still can’t wrap my head around the rationalization in removing that lovely Calendar button…