Team calendar for all projects


hello community! :slight_smile:
we are using asana for project management and tour planning, so the calendar function is quite important for our work. is there a way to have one calendar for all projects? I´m aware of the “google calendar synch” function, but it isn´t ideal, because then there will be a calendar for each project. is there a way to have ONE team calendar, that we all can edit and use?
looking forward to hearing back with help soon hopefully!


Hi @Rosalie_Hochstetter -

I would recommend creating a search view!

Click into the search bar > select advanced search > select tasks > search > navigate to the calendar tab at the top of the search view > click on the star next to the search title.

You’ll now have this saved view in the favorites area of your sidebar.

Hope this helps!


Thanks man!
This helps a lot!


hi nicola,
thank you for your reply! is this only possible for an upgraded acount though? I dont have the upgrade and I cant seem to follow your suggested steps… :frowning:


Hi @Rosalie_Hochstetter -

Ah, that would make sense. Correct, advanced search is only available within premium domains.