Team Calendar | Display Projects


I use the Team Calendar for daily and weekly view of tasks but in order to see the Project that each task is associated with, you need to click to open the individual task cards. It would be nice to see a small folder tab on top of each task within the Calendar view, displaying the Project name. Alternatively, a mouse-over feature would work well, where Project name and additional details pop-up. Finally, a color-coding feature would add a helpful visual element to the Team Calendar and if you could then group Projects by color and filter / sort them, that would make the Team Calendar a real asset to productivity. Thanks for your time! ~matt


I like your idea about adding a small tab on top of a task in Team Calendar view so it’s easier to see what project it’s a part of! Or the mouse over feature too.
There is one feature you mentioned that does exist. On the left side bar, if you click the three dots next to a project, you can set the highlight color. That highlight color should appear on all tasks for that project in the Team Calendar. Another color filtering tool would be to add tags to projects. Hope this helps!


I agree. A calendar that shows a projects a team member was working on rather than task. Then you could toggle between the two if needed. I also like the idea of grouping them by color. Good idea Matt.