Tasks with no project populating in My Tasks

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
I created a template for my team’s project management flow in which all tasks are assigned to one team member. For some reason, tasks from this template are populating in her ‘My Tasks’ section assigned to no project at all when this template is being used.

Steps to reproduce: I just created a template that I believe is V2 (was only created last week). I don’t think it can be reproduced unless you can access this account.

Browser version: Google Chrome

Upload screenshots below:

Hi @Katie_Andrews1

Have you deleted a project recently?
I’m asking because when you delete a project then the tasks which were assigned are not deleted, and stays out of any project.

That’s why I think that maybe:

  • a project was created from the template
  • your colleague was assigned to tasks
  • the project had been deleted
  • assigned tasks are not deleted unless you unassigned them before deleting the project

Could that be an explanation?


Actually I have another idea: she is not a member of the project, the project is private, but she assigned on tasks within the project. Is this the case?


Ahh this seems like it could be what happened while we were creating projects from the template to test things out. It seems likely that we deleted the projects and that there would be leftover tasks still assigned to her.

I think this is the explanation but I will keep an eye on it and see if more tasks are being created without a project in the next few weeks.

Thank you!


I see what you’re saying here - the project isn’t private though and it looks like she is a member of the template as well


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