Tasks that Are on Hold: Complete, Delete, "Archive" option?



Hey everyone! Sometimes, a task is put on indefinite hold, but might need to be referenced later. I don’t want it hanging around in my task list forever, but I also don’t want to mark it as completed. If I delete it, that implies that it won’t be needed later down the road-- does anyone else run into this problem?

I wish there were a way to “archive” tasks so that I could look for them later and also make a note that they are archived/on hold, just not urgent. I have an issue with “deleting” a task… even if deleting it still keeps it searchable! Anyone have a solution? Am I overlooking something obvious?!


If those tasks contains reference documents for a project then I let them at the top of the project tasks’ list, unassigned and incompleted so that everyone has access to.

If it’s just for me then I creat a specific private project for the tasks in stand by or the ones I want to keep.


Various approaches are possible, depending on your specific needs. These suggestions focus on not cluttering up your personal My Tasks list which I’m guessing is your case (the solution would be different if you’re talking about not cluttering up a project instead of My Tasks)

  • Keep the task assigned to you, mark for Later, give it a due date in the future, then it will generate a notification and re-appear in your My Tasks a week prior to the due date you chose.

  • Give it a “pending” or similar tag, mark it complete, then remember to periodically review a Saved Search for both tag = pending and complete. Mark incomplete and remove pending when ready to work on it again.

  • Mark for Later (or unassign from you) and add to a “Pending” project that you remember to periodically review for actionable tasks. Assign back to you (if unassigned) and Mark for Today or Upcoming when actionable again.

Hope one helps!


Wondering if there are any updates on this. With the “progress” feature it would be really useful not to have to delete or mark complete for the tasks that were dropped/are on hold (deleting or completing will affect the chart in progress).