Tasks, Subtasks, Dependancies, and Timeline View


I own a custom home building company, and am trialling Asana for my teams. There’s alot about it I like but a few I don’t like (individual permissions are a nightmare, but that’s a different topic).

What I’ve done is set up my construction schedule in the Timelines view like a Gantt chart. As happens in construction, schedules change… so when I extend one item on the schedule, I’d expect the dependancies, and subtasks to move along with the adjustment, but they don’t. So now I need to select the items, and slide them manually… which is annoying and in-precise. Is this something being worked on?

Also, is there a way to have the Timeline view group things? For instance, if I set up a project using boards, it would be nice if the Timeline view group these boards. And if I could expand and collapse these groups to make the Timeline more readable/less cluttered, it would be very helpful.

Also, how do I assign several, or groups of tasks to a person? I selected them in the Timeline, but can’t change settings en-masse. This would be helpful as I have created a Template with my schedules on it, and when using that template to start a new project, I could assign the entire project to which ever super-intendant is taking that job on.

Thanks for your help.


@Phil_Seeman isn’t it what Flowsana does?

You can multi select tasks in the list view and assign them all at once.


Thanks, @Bastien_Siebman!

Yes, @Russell_Anderson, Bastien is correct; my Flowsana integration does exactly what you’re looking for - I invite you to check it out. :slight_smile:



I am experimenting with Flowsana currently, and it’s pretty awesome.

I can multi-select in list, but not in boards, and multi-selecting in timeline doesn’t allow me the option of assigning the selections to a single member.

I’m using Chrome btw, which may be part of the issue.


Oops, duh, @Russell_Anderson, I just realized we were already “talking” in another thread about Flowsana. Sorry! Anyway, happy to hear the positive feedback!