Tasks showing as no project even though they are a part of a project

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In the “My Tasks” list view several tasks appear under the “No Project” sub-section even though they are associated with a project and that project appears in the task info

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Welcome, @Kevin_Moore1,

I’m afraid this isn’t a bug but intended functionality (though many would like it to change).

Surveyor is a subtask and could be added to a project but is not; it’s parent task Consultant proposals may be added to a project but it only applies to that task, not its subtasks.


Thanks for the quick reply Larry,
That seems odd as the subtask was added while working in the specific project board… why wouldn’t it default to be a part of that project? Requiring a user to go back after creating the subtask and assign a project duplicates effort

Is there a way to include the project while creating the subtask?

You can type Tab+P in the subtask to add it to the project but it will also appear in the project’s tasks list/board and that may not be what you want. There’s a lot of info in the Forum on subtasks and folks use them or choose not to.


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