Tasks not indenting under sections


When I add a section and the tasks underneath, the tasks are not indenting. It ends up looking like one long list of sections and tasks, all flush left. I want to indent the tasks and make each section stand out more. Thoughts?



Hi Keith and welcome to the forum. Quick question for you, in your account have they rolled out the new sections? In the new sections you use Tab+N to create them rather than the colon? In the earlier version of sections those were essentially tasks that are underlined so it looks more like a big list. In the new version of sections they are coded differently and look a little different. I believe that there is more of an indent in the new sections that distinguish them from the task list. I have a screenshot below of the new sections. In my test, the first task line I just started creating the task with no additional indentation, the second line I added a couple of ‘>’ characters to indent the task more, and the third line I added two extra spaces before the text. I think all of these tasks are indented from the section header though. I’m thinking that your account is one of the last they are rolling the new sections out to and you are seeing the older version where the sections and tasks are effectively the same. If not, you could add some additional characters or spaces to create a larger indent if necessary.


I hope this helps,



I must have the older version. :frowning_face: How do I get the newer functionality? If there’s a way to post a pic like you did, I can show you the look I’m after.





I believe they have rolled it out to 75% or more of their user accounts, so yours should see the effect in the next week or two.

You are welcome to post a picture within the forum thread here, just paste the image within the textbox of the reply. You will see the preview of the image in the preview box.