Tasks inheriting the name of the project

Let’s say I have a project template which I duplicate for every new project that my organisation gets. This template is used to track a (typically) 1 month long project, and several projects are active at any given time (around 5-6 at a time are active).

So different phases of these projects appear as tasks in My Tasks. I would really like a feature where the actual name of the project gets appended into the task name.

The template has:
Acquire plant information documents
Configure product
Deploy product on site

and my customers are let’s say Ford, Fiat, Tata.

and each of these will have several subtasks. So when these subtasks appear as a flat list of my tasks, I’d like to have my tasks look like:

Ford - Configure product subtask01
Fiat - Deploy product subtask03
Tata - Acquire plant information subtask02

This will really give me a visual sense for which subtasks are pending.

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