Tasks Inherit Section Info


It would be great if Sections had more usefullness than just being somewhat a glorified text divider. I would like to see the option to have all tasks, or be able to select the tasks, within a section to inherit the sections due date, assignee, tags, etc. That way i can assign a due date and set details and tags, and whatever task I have in that section will automatically update with that info. If i move a task from one section to another a pop-up or notification could appear on which info I would want to retain, or if I want to have it inherit all the info from the new section.


@Los, thanks for your feedback!

Sections were created as modified Tasks to have Section creation feel very simple and easy – we think that Sections are a key part of an organized Project, so keeping their creation feeling really lightweight was an important consideration in their original conception. We’re always interested in how people use Sections (and Asana in general!), so that feedback is really helpful.

Some Section functionality that we do have, that you may have missed:

  • You can use Section data in Advanced Search to limit your search to only a single section in that Project.
  • You can also see Section data on the Task pane and easily move Tasks between sections without dragging and dropping (great for big Projects!)

As for your workflow specifically, you may be able to:

  • Multi-select to batch update Tasks with new Due Dates, Assignee, Followers, Projects, etc.
  • If you’re looking for very structured (and different) data depending on the section a Project belongs to, consider creating multiple Projects with Custom Fields that represent that meta data, and then having the Tasks live in multiple Projects. To mimic the move from one section to another, you can remove from one Project and put in the second Project.

I hope those workarounds can get you closer to the automation you’re looking for :slight_smile:


How do you search only specific sections in advance search? I can’t see “In Section” or similar in the advance search.