Tasks (including repeat and new tasks) are not moving to the correct catagories

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Within ‘my tasks’, dated tasks are not automatically moving to the correct catagory (today, upcoming, later or recently assigned) as they did previously. For example, a weekly repeat task due today will be found in the ‘later’ catagory. After moving it to the correct catagory and ‘completing’ it, the repeat task (for next week) will appear in ‘recently assigned’ tasks when it would normally go into ‘upcoming’ or ‘later’.
The keyboard shortcuts to move tasks to different catagories are also not working.

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Do you have a Board view on My Tasks? If yes, you are on MyTasks v2. Please see 🚨 Be careful with task auto-promotion disappearing

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In addition to the change in auto-promote behavior that @Bastien_Siebman points to, please note that the issues you mention with recurring tasks and keyboard shortcuts are also changes in the new My Tasks which Asana says they will be rectifying.

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