Tasks in multiple projects - customs field info not copying over?


So I have a master project which has all my tasks for all my clients (Tasks are shipment orders)

I’d then like to have separate projects for each client, so I’ve added the task to both the master & individual client projects. (I duplicated the template layout for each of the client projects so has same fields etc)

However the information I enter in the master project fields does not appear in the client projects at all. And seems to let me type different information into the fields than what is contained on the master project ?

I was hoping I could update the information on the master I.e. shipment information fields and this would copy over to the individual projects so the client could have a view of just their shipments.

Sorry for the waffle and any help greatly appreciated!


Hi @Mark_Woolnough and welcome to the forum!

There are two kinds of custom fields in Asana - see this post for more information:

Let me know if you have any questions after reading that info.

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Hi Phil,

Thanks for clarifying - I thought I might be doing something wrong.
That works great!

is there anyway to make sections update / sync across projects?