Tasks in Home's "My Priority" widget do not follow priority order

I don’t have due dates on most of my tasks but I need them prioritized because some are more urgent than others. In the My Tasks screen I sorted them vertically by importance, but:

  1. There is no way to sort in the widget
  2. It does not display the already-sorted-sequence from My tasks

Hi @anon81888227

Have you thought about utilizing tags for your tasks? You can create, High, Medium, and Low priority tags and are able to sort them in the My Tasks view

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Hi @Mike_Tammaro, nope I haven’t. I was under the impression that the Home screen was my “launchpad” of sorts. I currently try to use it to jot down quick notes via the “Private notepad” widget and manage my day/tasks via the “My priorities” widget where my tasks appear. Having to jump to another page throughout the day is undesired overhead I was looking to avoid.

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Completely understand, in my experience, having a well-structured My Tasks page will create an even better Home page

I bet you’re right. I’ll explore that page a bit more.


Let me know if you need further assistance on how to setup My Tasks most efficiently.

My recommendation is to utilize different sections such as:

Due Today
Due Tomorrow
Due Soon

And then adding in rules that move your tasks to the appropriate section

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You also may be interested in my post/article on different approaches to My Tasks:

Hope that helps,



thank you both!

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