Tasks hidden by slow notifications


When I complete a task I get a notification. This works fine when I only have one task that I have completed. When I complete more than one task and then visit the asana board I try to click on many tasks and clear them. I the lower the task is on the display the more it is interrupted by the slow notifications. Does anyone find that this is an issue?


Hi @Jim329c and welcome to the Forum!

Just to confirm, are you able to close these notifications using “x”?


Should I have to manage my notifications?


I get annoyed by this also :slight_smile: We can close the notifications but they stay a long time and prevent us from working effectively


Thank you both for your feedback! I’ll make sure to highlight this issue to our Product team for future improvements!


I have noticed that the notifications have been moved out of the task area and over the project/subproject area. I like this experience better. I appreciate this change. I can keep working on the tasks and if I need to work in another project then I can close out the notifications if they get in the way.

Thanks a bunch.