Tasks duplicating when added to template

Just wondering if you can add top line tasks to a template without them being duplicated.

I have created a meeting template and added my teams OKRs. Each time I use the template it duplicates the tasks associated with the OKRs.

Let me know if anyone had a fix.

Hi @Ben_Knight1 :wave:t3:

Could you elaborate on what you mean by

Could you maybe share a screenshot to help me understand what you’re referring to?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Anything in a template is duplicated. You’ll get the exact copy of the project, except for the due dates.

The use case is to develop a template for a team meeting where I have the team members OKRs (that sit in a team OKR project) added to a template that I use for each new meeting.

Would I have to add these tasks after I use the template so that they don’t duplicate in my ORK project?

What I do in that case is have the first step of the project be “:one: Multi-home OKRs here” or something like this. There are usually other steps involve like choose project owner, activate Friday reminders etc