Tasks Due Today



I am so confused as to why I cannot view a list of all my Tasks Due Today across all workspaces and projects? Help!


Try My tasks button (up-left area). :slight_smile:


Hi @Michael_Corley - the My Tasks section that @ILIE_SIMION mentioned is the best place to view tasks across all projects.

A couple of issues that people run into when they don’t see their tasks there are:

The tasks in your workspace aren’t actually assigned to you. If you created tasks in a project they, by default, aren’t assigned to you. However, you can multi-select tasks in a project to assign a bunch to yourself at once. Once tasks are assigned to you, they will show up under the “My Tasks” section.

A second issue that you may run into is that the view selected from the My Tasks pane isn’t set in a way that makes viewing today’s tasks easy.

Try the view selection above (right corner) and you’ll likely see a list of all your tasks under “new tasks.” Here is some additional information to help you organize your tasks: https://asana.com/guide/help/fundamentals/my-tasks