Tasks due today NOT in "Today" tasks

@Daniel_Artur_Schindl the auto-promotion functionality is changing due to some My Task enhancements on the horizon. I suspect the behavior you are expecting will be achievable at that point.

As it stands now, all new tasks initially fall under the Recently Assigned priority section. If you were to mark those tasks as Upcoming or Later they WILL move to Today at midnight on their due date.

It’s crazy to me that this is a section to organise tasks, yet everything has to be double handled?? Not efficient at all.
Even after seeing this thread is has been active since 2019!
C’mon Asana team help us out and clean up this functionality. It’s just a bit of filtering code that anything marked today’s date shows up in Todays’s tasks, shouldn’t take your developer this long on a paid platform.
A reminder this platform is for’ Work anytime, anywhere with Asana. Keep remote and distributed teams, and your entire organization, focused on their goals, projects, and tasks with Asana ."

100% agree that tasks with today’s due date (so due today) should fall under “Today tasks”. In most user cases (All as far as I can tell) this would be logical. Any news on this Asana?

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Basically you need to pay for professional version, so “rules” do this simple trick for you. Very clever, I just started to use Asana again, but time to move on.


Actually no - even the free version of Asana has rules available to move tasks in your My Tasks based on their due date.

Rules workaround here: