Tasks Created From Emails With Attachments Problem



Tasks created from emails having several attachments are being created successfully but each attachment is being received back as an email on the email provided in (To Email in the profile Settings)


You should rename the post with “Bug” in the title so moderators can identify it (and move it in another category)


Thanks! We’ll report this bug.


Any Feedback about this BUG?


one of our main ways of using asana is by converting emails to tasks and these emails will have a lot of attachments… so this bug is preventing us from using asana this way. the problem again briefly is that when having an email with attachments and the email was sent to asana using the project’s email, multiple emails are being received (i received 15 emails!!) back to my email. this can cause huge problems on our mail server


Hi @Rashad_Zahr - we don’t have an update at this time, but our developers are aware of the issue and it’s in the queue. Thanks!