Tasks : Created_by field

Hi, I am working on a google script that use the API to create Dara in a google sheets so I can use it in Googla Data Studio.

Currently I fetch certain projets for the information shown below :


var url = “https://app.asana.com/api/1.0/projects/” + projectId + “/tasks”+"?opt_fields=due_on,created_at,completed_at,completed,modified_at";
var result = UrlFetchApp.fetch(url, options);
var reqReturn = result.getContentText();
var parsedResponse = JSON.parse(reqReturn);
var data = parsedResponse.data;

Now I would like to know for my reports who created the each tasks.

It doesn’t seems like there is a way to get that field currently :

[Asana](API-Reference : Tasks)

Is there a work around, or any plan to include that field in the futur ?


Hi @Frederick_Beaulieu, this is a mistake in our documentation: tasks do have a created_by field on them that you can access with opt_fields. Sorry for the confusion!


Hello this is not working for me. When I put the opt_field parameters it doesn’t return any different data.
opt_field = due_on.
How do I fix this?

The parameter is opt_fields not opt_field.

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