tasks completed by month, by team

Asana provides a canned report called “Tasks completed by month”. Which is a good report.

When I want to filter this to just my team, i’m not given that option. Instead, I’m given the option of which teams I want to exclude. It would be much easier if I could just choose the teams i want to include.

My company has a lot of teams. I could go through the process of excluding all the teams i don’t want, but when someone adds a new team it will be included in my reporting.

Please provide an option to pick the team i want to report on.

Hi @Tadeo_Gonzalez,

Here is an example of a report that I believe you are looking for:

Steps to reproduce:
Step 1: Include tasks from Teams
Step 2: Add the desired team(s)
Step 3: X-Axis should be “Within the last 1 month” and Y Axis should Task Count

If this doesn’t help, please provide a screenshot omitting any sensitive information.

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Thanks @Mike_Tammaro - Thanks. That helped.


Of course! Happy to help

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