Tasks and split List/Calendar view



A) assign due date for multiple tasks easily

  1. You have several tasks added already
  2. You click to switch to the calendar
  3. You click a button that will split the view, displaying both the calendar and the task list
  4. You can drag and drop a task to a specific day in the calendar, to quickly time manage

The calendar can display only the current week in case there’s not much room in the UI

B) easily assign tasks to people

Same principle as above, except you have a list of people, and you drag and drop tasks to each person from a split view

The use case for this feature request is in case you already have a list of tasks added and you want to “bother” assigning someone on the task, or to select a due date, only after having the whole picture.


I’m not totally sure how this differs from selecting all the tasks and just assigning the due date (which then applies to all the tasks)? At least from my understanding of your explanation, it seems like that’d be faster than dragging to a calendar.

Same with the assignee thing, I frequently just multi-select all the tasks for X person, assign it to them all at once.


Because this way you can see the big picture while doing it