TaskCustomFields: Your pagination token has expired.

Hi everyone!

I’ve been having a problem “Your pagination token has expired” when I try to load all the records from the TaskCustomFields.

I’m using the Skyvia tool (www.skyvia.com) to download it, but this is the only “API/Table” that I’m having this problem. Everything else I’ve been able to query and download.

Do you guys have an idea on how to fix or a workaround for it?

Thank you.


Hi @Thiago4.

I don’t know how skyvia works, but what I know is, when you get a pagination token expired, it can be if you try to query data for, example, 1000 projects, and all your query are in queue.

Then, when the queue is over, the next page of all of them are now executed, but, because it took too much time to finish the first loop of page 1, the response pagination token received from page 1 is expired when you query page 2.

What we did in our app, is to push the next page at the beginning of the queue, and call it immediatly when we get the response from the previous page.

But, you will not have access to configure that in skyvia… so, I don’t know if you can query data for only a few projects if you have too many, maybe it will help.