Task will not show up when adding dependencies

I am having a problem where the need task for the dependency is not showing up.
try to explain my situation:

Task 1

  • subtask 1.1
  • subtask 2.1
    Task 2
  • subtask 1.2
  • subtask 2.2
    Task 3
  • subtask 1.3
  • subtask 2.3
    Task 4
  • subtask 1.4
  • subtask 2.4

Each main task being a process and each subtask being that process on a certain object, where subtask 1 can get to task 4 without being dependent on subtask 2. but subtask 1 has to be dependent on the previous task.

so i have been able to have subtask 1.2 dependent on subtask 1.1, but when I try to make subtask 1.3 dependent on subtask 1.2, subtask 1.2 doesn’t show up (subtask 1.1 does) . It also will not work when I try to go into subtask 1.2 and block subtask 1.3.

I am fairly new to using asana and not sure if there is a formatting error or what is happening. any help is appreciated

I am guessing you are only looking at tasks “suggested” in the autocomplete, while you can actually search for any task in Asana. And even better: you can paste a task URL in that field and it will find the task on its own, pretty handy when tasks have the same name.

Does that help?


Yes that worked , thank you. Still getting aquatinted with how to use asana


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