Task w Multiple Sub-Tasks & Multiple Assignee's - Auto Update on Assignee in List View

I have a Task that has multiple Sub-Tasks a/k/a ‘Active Deals’ and within each sub-task there are multiple steps which have multiple Assignee’s. On the List view of the Tasks, I have a column for Assignee, is there a way to get said column to update automatically when sub-tasks are completed a/k/a ‘checked’ by assignee’s?

it depends on what update you’re hoping for. In the Asana data model, completion of a task (by checking it off) merely toggle the task status from Incomplete to Complete. That change happens automatically, in every view of the data (leaving aside the occasional lags in propagating and updating - sometimes several minutes). Task completion does NOT effectuate any other change. Perhaps you are hoping to have the Assignee be unassigned? Or is it something else you are hoping to see?

If you want the Assignee unassigned, that may not be necessary. Please clarify exactly what you are hoping to have happen.

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