Task Updates and Questions: Using with Sections and Re-assigning to different Task

Hi all and Happy New Year!

I want to -

  • Re-associate an Update or Question (I call them “Comments”) from one Task to another.
  • Use them with Section headers.

How do I do these things?

Also, I’m open to suggestions on using a different module or field for making comments per task (and, hopefully, section).



HI @brian.johnson and welcome to the Forum!

I’m not sure to understand what you’re trying to achieve, so please correct me if I’m wrong! Are you looking to move comments from one task to another and to add comments to Sections?

That is correct. I don’t have a team and I use the task comments for myself. On occasion, I will find that a task comment is more germane to a different task than the one it is attached to and would like to reattach it to the more germane task.

And yes, I do want to see if there is a space where I can put comments that are related to a specific Section.

Unfortunately as it sands can’t be moved, and Sections do not support metadata… so I’ve gone ahead and moved this thread to the #productfeedback to allow you and other members to vote for this feature request!

In the meantime, I would recommend using copy/paste in place of "moving your Comments. Not ideal, but hopefully it can help un the meantime!

Thank you. One reason I like to preserve the original comments is that they are tagged with the original creation date.