Task Templates: Offer subtask dependencies

Use Case:
We have a project that we use as our content calendar. All published content (each content piece is a task) must go through a series of reviews and other sub-tasks that are dependent on subtasks under this same task. When I create a task and accompanying subtasks, then create subtask dependencies, then convert this task into a task template, the subtasks dependencies do not cary over to the task template. I would vote for subtask dependencies on task templates to be a solution here. As a work around, right now, we are just not using task templates and instead we are duplicating the task and allowing for dependencies to be copied in the duplication.

The task is named: News Article Title ABCDEFG
The subtasks are:
Create Content Draft
Select Featured Image
Edit Audio File (dependent on Create Content Draft)
Approve (Dependent on Edit Audio File)

Love this! This would be so helpful


I would also like to see this. I’ve had to manually change all the dependencies which didn’t transfer when converting the task to a template.



Exactly the same use case…

We have created a host of templates for content production tasks

They include both approvals and dependencies within the subtasks

As these are all within the subtasks, it would be good to be able to use the task templates feature, rather than having to create tasks with a status of ‘Template’ that we copy from.


Yes! This is something that is lacking with the templates - would improve workflow a lot better… Especially in the case of awaiting a review! Please consider this change :slight_smile:


YES. I was surprised I had to dig this deep in the forum to see this request. I was so excited to implement detailed task templates for frequent types of requests our team fields regularly.

I spend too much time manually cleaning up dependencies because my team needs extreme clarity when a task is ready for handoff.

Unfortunately, until dependences are included in task templates, this feature is nearly useless to me. As @AshleyWright mentions, we’re going to have to keep using a “templates” section and instructing users to duplicate the task.


It would also be great to be able to have a templated task added to another project (even better if the custom fields for those projects could also be set). :slight_smile:

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We got a premium trial largely to use templates and dependancies, and I was really surprised that they can’t be used together. This feels like a huge oversight?

Yes yes yes! We’re struggling right now to utilize task templates without this being an available feature. We’ve started just creating actual tasks within a project that we title as a “template” that can be copied when needing to add a new task to a project. But it’s so convoluted and leads to all of those tasks and subtasks showing up in everyone’s My Tasks view. I would LOVE to just be able to use the actual task template feature for this!!

We are on the business trial after using the lower level for three years. We are also very surprised that task templates do not pull over dependencies. That seems like it should be a given and simple for the development team to implement.

@AshleyWright I would love if you could share your content template with me somehow! :slight_smile:

@Lindsay_Malzone – here are screenshots of some of our content templates:

Thank you so0o0o much!