Task template??

I have a list of tasks that are repetitive to different sections. Is there a way to save a group of tasks that I can then paste into sections as I create them?
The template feature would not work here because I don’t want to create a new project for each section. For instance, under fundraising, I have different appeals. Each appeal has a series of tasks and they are generally the same. I want to be able to create the section (Appeal 1, appeal 2, etc) and then add in the series of tasks that are applicable to every appeal. Hope this makes sense.
Thank you.

Hi @Darshan_Kaur.

The workaround is to create the Task as you want it to be. Add some sort of Qualifier or Tag to identify it as a template to make it easier to find. Then when you want to create a new version of this task use Duplicate the Task. That gives you a new tasks with all the details as needed

Welcome to the community as well… Hope this was of assistance.