Task Status / Task Next Steps Feature

Idea for a feature. Many times I’ll have a status noted, or the next steps needed for a certain task, in parentheses next to the task itself.

For example:

  • Research automated price comparison extension (troubleshoot Price2Spy, finish WisePricer demo)
  • Build real-time inventory on website (waiting on vendor to install)
  • Build world-changing app (need to research existing solutions)

For me, it’s easier to make movement on my tasks by knowing a high-level status/next step needed for each task, without having to click on the task itself and see the subtasks.

So anyway, might be good to have a field specifically for this. Or be able to assign a subtask to be that core task’s status or next step. Or have the status/next step autopopulate from the first subtask in that task’s list.


@Jason_North You can do this utilising Custom Fields. Have a look at this post Request: Additional Task Statuses


Yes , using sub tasks like my post here