Task status in free plan

Hi, the teams loves asana free plan, but we can’t afford the premium.
However there is one huge feature we are missing, and that is task statusses…for example: ‘not started, i’m working on it, delayed, completed’

Any possibilities to add this in free plan?


Yes with tags. Or including that status in the task name :+1:

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Thanks, so you suggest to manually add a tag we could agree upon?
For example we agree to use “ongoing” as tag. But this means that everyone has to write it each time instead of using a status dropdown or such right?

Exactly yes, they need to add the tag and remove the existing ones :man_shrugging:

ok this might be a workaround eventhough i would simply prefer a field like due date for statusses. One day in premium maybe

Yeah Premium has custom fields so you would be able to have a dropdown.


If you create tags s_on_track, s_delayed, and any others starting with s_, then you can effectively have a dropdown menu of selections via autocomplete of s_ in the tag field.

I’ve left out your “not started” because isn’t that handled by the default of no tag added yet?

And I’ve left out your “completed” because can’t that be handled by the completed checkmark?

Hope that helps,


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Hey Larry, i’m new to Asana, how do I proceed with s_… just by writing it in the comments? And so how does the dropdown then appear? :slight_smile:

@MJ12, I’m talking about what to do in the Tags field not in the Comments field.

Read about adding and using tags at Tags in the Asana Guide.



Oh right. Thanks mate


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