Task, Section Membership

Hi All,

We have a custom outboard reporting engine that polls in our projects, sections, and tasks (among a few other endpoints). The weekly report is a project overview where each ‘project’ (not Asana projects, just a high-level manually curated listing) is a task. We have a ‘section’ for each month of the year since the projects are actually events and have execution durations.

Prior to conversion to the new structure, the sections would come in when we polled the tasks, so it was fairly easy in the reporting to test “resource_subtype == ‘section’” and modify the formatting to suit.

So this is now broken. I’ve scrubbed the GET endpoints, and I see no way to link the tasks to the sections now. I was expecting a ‘/sections/{section_gid}/tasks’ endpoint to be added or something. How does one do this now, so I can get the month separators back into my reports :slight_smile:


Ok … so I do see ‘/sections/{section_gid}/tasks’ now. Its in the documentation under ‘Tasks’ where-as I was looking for it in the ‘Sections’ area. Whoops! I may be good, but we’ll see after I get through some implementation.

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Nevermind … all good now that I found that endpoint.