Task Reloaded with EVERY Reassignment?

We often volley tasks back-and-forth for designer reviews, when a task required another person to do a thing, and whatnot. Up until just recently, this has worked very well.

Unfortunately within the last week or so… Asana is now forcing the task/page to be refreshed when I reassign the task from myself to another person. Why? This is a stall in productivity… where I could previously whip through a number of tasks at once.

It’s painful!

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Hello @NicoleK this seems very strange.

Are you facing the issue also on other Asana versions (desktop, mobile, online) or just one?
Do other people in your org face the same problem?

Have you checked all the troubleshooting steps already?

Yes, I have. :sob:

Oh I see :frowning:
In this case please reach out to support as I am sure they will be able to assist in having this resolved.

Yep this happens to me as well. It hangs for a couple of seconds and then finishes reassigning the task. It never happened before the most recent update. :frowning: