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I am debating Asana vs. Jira with a colleague and there is a feature of Jira that visualizes the tasks in a pie chart format and breaks out the subtasks rather than the way Asana depicts this in a graph. Are there integrations or a roadmap for adding something like this? A pie chart report for instance?

Also, it has been challenging to see an overall “what is happening this week” without the instagantt integration. I don’t have an upgraded version yet - maybe that is a feature?

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A better Dashboard for high level overview

Hi @Patricia_Goldman. Welcome to the Community! This is a great question.

Asana has a few key reporting features including My Dashboard and Advanced Search Reports. These are indeed available with Asana Premium.

My Dashboard allows you to compile a visual of all the key projects you’re following and determine progress. Advanced search allows you to create reports with as much granularity as you need in order to get a full picture of the work your team is doing, whether for this week, this month, or any custom date range of your choice.

I recommend that you visit this Guide article on reporting for more information:

Please let us know if you have follow up questions and we’ll be happy to help.


Advanced search is fantastic - I use it for a lot of my weekly reporting, dashboard is good too but its not as advanced/customizable without added config from maybe an api pull or integration (don’t take this as gospel because I’m not as advanced with that).

On this, I love Instagantt for the, well, gantt chart visual - the start/end point. However for ‘what’s happening this week’ - I just use the team calendar or project calendar - OR any search (advanced or no AFAIK) has a calendar on it.

So if I want to know what is going on this week across the entire org, I just run a search for incomplete tasks due within 7 days (or what have you) and tab to its calendar. I have several searches saved like that =)

But for prettier visuals (pie charts/etc.) I think there are some options just with simple api pulls and generation, etc. - might poke around in the API/Integrations sections.

Here are some discussions and solutions from the community:


T!hank you - this is very helpful!


Hi @Patricia_Goldman,

You may find this helpful: How to add progress bars to Asana projects



If you are looking for a pie chart to represent a lot of scenario for your tasks, then you may try the new Interactive Chart view from Bridge24.

You can read their full blog post here:

Predefined charts are: by project, assignee, status type, section, tag, completed by week, created by week, overdue and soon due, and more.

Supported charts: Pie chart, Doughnut, Polar, Horizontal bar, and Vertical bar.