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Question about the keyboard shortcuts…
My Asana workflow looks like this:

  • throughout the day, I use email and various extensions to throw todo items into Asana as they come up.
  • once a day (or once every few days), I go to ‘My Tasks’ and go down the list of new tasks I’ve created, tagging them, putting them into projects, adding due dates, and marking them today/upcoming/later etc.
  • for expediency sake, I do this through keyboard shortcuts. i.e., I select the first one on the list, then use keyboard shortcuts to set fields, then send it to today/upcoming/later, again with a shortcut. Then I want to move on to the next item in the list.

Problem: Now that I’ve categorized the previous item, it’s no longer in my new tasks list. So I can’t figure out any keyboard shortcut that allows me to select the next item in the list. So I have to move to the mouse to select the next one.

Any suggestions for how to solve this problem?



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