task permission request upon login

For the last few days, when I log in, I am getting the following message with an image of a lock: Looks like you need access to this task. Would you like to send a request to the owner? Underneath there is a box to click to Request Access. But then it tells me that I’m currently signed in as - and then it lists my email address. I do have team members and it’s possible they’ve created their own tasks. I’m not sure why this would affect my account. Is there a setting I need to change so that I don’t get this message every time I log in? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks

Hi @Missy_Blakely and welcome to the Forum! Let’s see if we can help.

Is this happening when you’re clicking on an Asana URL shared outside of Asana?

Thanks! I have Asana set as one of my Chrome bookmarks. I’m getting this message when I click on the bookmark to open Asana. I’ve been using this same procedure for a few months but the last few days I’ve started getting this message.

Could you please try and access Asana from an incognito/private page using the following URL: asana.com

Are you still seeing the same message?

No, I didn’t get the message. When I logged in I was directed to the home page.