Task Organization


Having more options for task organization would be quite helpful - for instance; breaking it down by team instead of just project/due date/etc.


Hi @Joshua_Myers! We have a few more options for task organization that you might not know about. I recommend a combination of project sorting, sections, and also using the sidebar as a resource. Are you familiar with the ability to sort projects by team in your sidebar? If you click on this photo you’ll be able to see my full sidebar, which includes teams and team projects.


You could run a search for all tasks belonging to a specific team, favorite that search so it’ll show up on your sidebar. The team calendar is great, but if you want a list view I think you have to do a search =)

Also to specify, do you mean task organization as in ‘My Tasks’? So like have it be a sort function to sort tasks by team (for example)?


I do mean the “My Tasks” organization, having it available to sort by Team would be helpful (at least to me and others in my organization) for certain times/meetings!