Task Naming using Due Date

Hi All,

The rule where you can make task titles and use variables.
If you use the date to rename your task, is there anyway to stop it being US format??
The due date is set in UK format but with the naming it brings it in as US!

Can anyone help or advise if this is by design or bug, as a client of mine cannot use it if it is the case and I think that if you are set to UK then surely the rule should rename as UK

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Ah, I recall discussing this with @Marie , @Emily_Roman and @Arthur_BEGOU , but I can’t find where. :man_facepalming:

@Danielle-GenD , it’s not a bug but expected behaviour. I agree, not ideal for us non-US based customers…

To overcome this, I use Flowsana - it allows numerous types of date formatting using its variable substitution:

M for mm/dd/yyyy
D for dd/mm/yyyy
Y for yyyy/mm/dd
S for yy (a short format which provides the last 2 digits of the year)

Cc @Phil_Seeman


Hey @Richard_Sather thanks for getting back to me. Why is @Phil_Seeman always the answer ! :smiley: :rofl:


Probably because he has built an awesome integration! :sweat_smile:


HI @Danielle-GenD and @Richard_Sather,

Unfortunately I don’t think variable dates can adapt to different format. By default it will always display tasks in the US format.

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