Task name prefix


When duplicating a project I what to be able to attach the name to the task.
I use job numbers and name. CC1000 jone. this should show at the beginning of the task

Example: CC1000 jones to be ordered.

Is this possible.


Hi @Rob_Chaisson and welcome to the Forum :wave:t3:

Just to clarify are you looking to have the title of your project at the start of each of your new project tasks?


yes. Is this possible.


It’s not possible to accomplish within Asana itself. It can be accomplished using the Zapier service; let me know if that’s something you’d consider and I can supply some details on a few ways I’ve done it using Zapier.

It could also be done using the Asana API, if you have developer resources available (or want to hire one); I can provide more info if that’s a viable option for you.