Task Name: Form Name + Field Response?

Creating a few forms that differ in nature for a particular project. Didn’t see this particular question asked in my search.

I’d like the resulting Task Title to use the form name as a prefix, and a couple question responses to briefly describe the task in the name. But using Form Name is only or nothing. Can’t combine it with responses.

Is there at least a way to create a question with a default response, and use that as a prefix?

I just want a prefixes on particular tasks generated via form. If that’s just not possible, I’ll just figure something else out. Asking here because I’m probably missing something obvious.


Also trying to figure out how to assign task templates with specified subtasks to forms. Is that not supported? I see how to select the template in a project, and they’re maintained in the same place as forms. Seems like they’re supposed to interact with eachother.

Again, thanks for any ideas.

Hello @Adam_York, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

Have a look at this existing feedback request thread: Rules to Rename Tasks

It seems you will be able to achieve a lot with the help of Flowsana for example


Hey @Adam_York in regards to task templates linking to forms here is the relevant feedback request thread to vote on

In the meantime you can work with rules that trigger when a task is added to the project for example or based on a specific custom field selection

Hope that helps

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Thanks Andrea!

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