Task marked with "done" but still in personal list "delegated recently" as not completed.

I have completed a taks, marked it with DONE.
If I now have a look in my personal tasks, it is still in and I need to make a “hook” to define it is done.
Don’t understand that double status. Any hints?

A while back I realized that reports do show tasks “for a while” even if they don’t belong in the report anymore. That is a user experience thing I think: you don’t want the task to disappear immediately after you do something. Did you try to reopen it?

Yes, that’s how I faced that they are already done, what made me nervous. I wouldn’t think it is wrong if the symbol would show me that it’s done, but the “hook” is grey and I have to mark mit manually to make it green and disappear.

Can you share screenshots? I am a bit confused.

Here we go. Unfortunately I don’t have that entry anymore, but on this shown in the screen the only difference is the “In Progress” on the right side which was “Done” in the other entries.

The “in progress” you are referring to on the right is a custom field. It is independent from the complete/incomplete status of a task. In My Tasks, you can usually see incomplete tasks, even if this specific custom fields says “done”. Does it make sense?

Oops, in my eyes that doesn’t make sense. Wasn’t even aware we have a modified tool. Means, one changed it but didn’t comply to the functionality the user expects? If so, we should make him to correct it or tell us the idea behind…
Thank you for your help

Hi @Peter_Schopen and welcome to the Forum! :wave:

Sorry about the confusion here. What you are seeing on the right side are actually Custom Fields that let you add additional information to tasks in your projects, for example to track your task stage or workflow, etc.

To mark a task as complete you need to Click on the "Als erledigt markieren" (Mark Complete) button on the right pane of the task.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any follow-up questions!


Hi Natalia, thank you, makes things a bit clearer