Task Management Requests


Is there a way to have Daily Repeating Tasks actually repeat DAILY? As in, if I schedule a task “Daily Report”, for a report which needs to be submitted daily, and I miss 5 days because I’m insanely busy, when I finally complete the task, the next task is scheduled for either today or tomorrow, depending on whether it’s set to repeat daily or repeat periodically after 1 day. I need the task to reappear with the due date following the last date; I do not need it to skip days.

EX: Sep 13 (Daily Report) - if completed on Sep 17, Daily Report will be due on either Sep 17 or 18, skipping Sep 14, 15, 16.

Another request: Tasks with specific Start and END days, which will repeat periodically during those days. Similarly, tasks which will only repeat for X number of instances.

Another request: The option to allow a certain number of task instances to be displayed in the calendar all at the same time, rather than 1 instance at a time. This would allow an easy, over-all view of all tasks for, say, a month.

Another request: The ability to prevent tasks from being completed with OPEN subtasks.


Welcome to the Forum and thanks for sharing your feedback with us @Rheanna_Neidinger. I would recommend creating separate threads for each of your requests so people can vote for them independently; it’s also easier to comment/communicate.

Regarding your 3rd request "having recurring tasks to all appear in the calendar at once instead of one at a time, I would suggest adding your vote to this existing thread: Recurring tasks in calendar view

And for your last request “prevent tasks from being completed with open subtasks” you can vote here: Task Dependencies - the missing piece

Hope this helps! Have a great Wednesday @Rheanna_Neidinger :slight_smile: