Task links not working as expected

Clicking the “Copy Task Link” in the upper right corner of the task view, properly copies a link to the clipboard. When I test the copied link, it correctly links directly to the task. When I paste the link into an email or spreadsheet, the link fails to load the task and instead redirects to top-level project page.

Steps to reproduce:
From a task view, click the Copy Task link icon in the top-right corner. Test the link in the browser to verify (works every time). Paste the link into a Google sheet or in an email. Open in an email and the link redirects to the project page listing all tasks in the selected project.

Browser version: Chrome Version 79.0.3945 (mac). Also tested in Safari.

Hi @CLucas and welcome to the forum!

I think this is probably a permissions issue - that is, in whatever browser is responding to and attempting to display the task, that browser is logged into Asana as a user who does not have permission to access that task.

I just tested it in an environment where I was sure the browser had proper permission, and it displayed the task as expected.

Does this explanation help resolve it?

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