Task limit for "You're about to hit your team's 1,000 task limit"

We’re getting the “You’re about to hit your team’s 1,000 task limit” message.

How can we find which team (there are several)?

Do Archived projects count towards this limit?

Do Completed tasks count towards this limit?

Is this new? I only now just saw this message after a long time


@Marie and @Emily_Roman will provide more info on Monday I believe.
In the meantime you can use my tool to find the teams 📏 Check your free account against the 1000 tasks limit

Our team is also getting this message and I’d like to see the answers to this as well. Specifically:

Do Archived projects count towards this limit?
Do Completed tasks count towards this limit?
Is this new?



I’m afraid the task counting doesn’t work for free accounts; here’s a message I received in the JavaScript console, from the asana API: “Search is only available to premium users.”

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Would like to second this. Doesn’t seem realistic for my team of two to have close to 1000 outstanding tasks currently.

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Of course :man_facepalming: damn, thanks

Hi @Alex_Papadimoulis,

You should only see this message on teams impacted.



This is something we’re currently testing. I’ll keep you posted here once we have more news on this topic.

I’ve been getting an alert that our company is near 1,000 tasks.

  1. The pricing page is a little confusing on this as one spot says 1000 tasks for the basic account and another says unlimited.

  2. What tasks are included in the 1,000 count? Incomplete? Archived? Deleted?




That limit is very new that’s why all the material might not be up to date. @Emily_Roman or @Marie will reach out with details!

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Sounds like you are restricting usage in order to get people to pay.
Although I respect your right to charge for the product, it seems a little unfair to suddenly change the rules and then not even be clear on the rules.
How can we be sure it won’t be 500 tasks tomorrow?


Quick help here is appreciated, we are piloting Asana and the there is confusion on what constitutes 1000 tasks


All tasks (complete and incomplete) will count toward this limit. Subtasks, Milestones and Approvals also count toward this limit.

Since you can’t archive a task - but rather a project - I assume tasks within a project do count. I would assume that deleted tasks do not.

FYI this limitation is by Team. When you run up against this limit you can either create a new team or upgrade to a paid version of Asana.

@Anubhav_Pande see above.

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FYI I’ll have a tool by the end of the weekend to give you the exact number of tasks.


@Barkley and @Anubhav_Pande,

@Jerod_Hillard provided good details on this change, but I’d just point out that Asana does tests so since this change wasn’t published, it’s not a given (yet) that it’s a permanent one.

Also, if you’re on a paid plan, it’s easy to see total tasks for a project in the Dashboard:

You’d need to look at this view for each project in the team in question since the 1000 limit is at the team level.


Thanks @lpb, however, it doesn’t look like dashboards are available to basic users, so that won’t help us see how many tasks we have per team unless I’m missing something.

@Bastien_Siebman I look forward to the tool you are working on.

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You’re absolutely right, @Barkley. It’s available to all paid tiers but not Basic. Sorry for not pointing that out; I’ll update my post too.


I have also just received the near 1,000 tasks warning but have no idea how many I have: I use a asana on quite a casual basis (i.e. do not make use of team collaborations) but have a number of repeating tasks which I guess has built my number up quite considerably.

  • Really need clarity on what counts towards 1000 tasks at free level.

  • If it includes deleted items there must be an option how to permanently delete deleted items on a bulk basis.

  • Also there is no way to know how many tasks are in the account.

Hope more information is provided soon.



While waiting for clarification, I adapted my Overview tool to give you a count of tasks per team: 📏 Check your free account against the 1000 tasks limit

same question