Task-level Kanban board to track project progress

is there a way to manage the progress of each task in a Kanban-style?

Let’s say I need to create a website with one page. I’ll have the following sequence of tasks:

  1. installing the CMS
  2. creating the layout
  3. writing the text for the page

Step 3 can be further divided into the following steps:

  1. list of topics
  2. first draft
  3. review

The idea is to create 3 tasks (those in the first list), where the third task has 3 steps (second list).

In this sense:

  • Progress of the project will be 33% when first task is completed
  • Progress will be 66% when second task is completed
  • Progress will be 77% when completing the first step of the third task (66 + remaining 34% / 3 steps)
  • then it will be 88%
  • and finally 100%

Is there a way to reproduce this case inside Asana?

Thank you

Welcome, @Antonio_Scribano.

If you’re on the Business Plan, check out Portfolios. There’s a Task Progress column:


For subtasks, you’d need to multi-home those back into the project if you want them to be counted this way.

But often, tasks are not created equal so I don’t find this useful in those cases. You can use Milestones and set that column in the Portfolio to show Milestones instead so you can account for that.


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