Task indicates if multi people are working on sub-tasks under the main task



Personally, I always have teammates checking off the main task if they’ve completed their subtasks associated with the task. However, there are people who haven’t completed their subtasks for the main task, so we end up misunderstanding where the task stands in terms of project completion because it was checked off prematurely.

It would be great if Asana put the faces of multiple individuals in the main task if it notices the task has multiple subtasks assigned to different people.


HI @Erika_Schmidt! Although you can see from the task pane who subtasks are assigned to, I agree it would be super handy not to have to open the task itself to see who else has a parent subtask assigned! Thanks for sharing your feedback in this category, it will enable other people to vote for it, and hopefully this is something we can explore for future improvements! :crossed_fingers:t3:

(I’m just removing “Feature request” from your title as it is aready in the #productfeedback category)