Task History Dates Should List The Actual Date First

At the bottom of each task is the task history that tells you when changes were made or a task was moved. It tells you when this happened by saying “2 days ago” or “21 days ago” if you scroll over “2 Days ago” the actual date it was moved or changed will pop up like, “July 21, 2022 9:39 AM.”
I really wish this feature worked the opposite, especially since we print physical copies of our tasks to go with physical products. “2 Days ago” on a printed sheet of paper that could have been printed out at any time is useless, but leading with the actual dates those changes were made would be extremely helpful to anyone who prints physical copies of their tasks. I also think the actual date is more helpful information digitally than “17 days ago” and should lead with that, and if you scroll over the actual date, then it can tell you “17 days ago”

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I have found an existing feedback request thread that seems to be about what you are asking for?

Also not sure if you are aware about the metadata fields that might be helpful for you too